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My Health Counts! Living Well with Diabetes






My Health Counts! Living with Diabetes addresses a topic directly affecting an estimated 80 million Americans who either have diabetes or are on the verge of developing it. Living well with this disease requires a combination of good medical care and effective self-management.


During the program, Buffalo native Susan Hunt hosts an informative, upbeat conversation with two studio guest experts: Dr. Donald Robinson and Pamela J. Beamer, a certified diabetes educator and registered dietician. They define diabetes and discuss the serious consequences of uncontrolled diabetes. They also identify key self-care behaviors: eating healthy, being active, monitoring, taking medication, problem solving, reducing risks and healthy coping. They also give viewers guidelines for crucial tests, results and goals.


In addition, Western New Yorkers who are successfully managing their diabetes offer motivating advice as they share the lessons they’ve learned, their fears, challenges and strategies.


The My Health Counts! series is hosted by Susan Hunt. Susan Hunt began her broadcast career in Buffalo, New York, first as a radio news and sports reporter for WGR-AM radio and subsequently as Sandy Beach's news sidekick on WHTT-FM. However, it was her stint as co-host of PM Magazine that, to this day, resonates with Western New York audiences. Since then, Susan has hosted and produced numerous TV programs related to important health issues.


Susan is joined by Pamela J. Beamer and physician, Dr. Donald Robinson.


From The Program

Types of Diabetes
Risk Factors, Diagnosis and Complications
Guidelines for Diabetes Care
Creating your Diabetes Blueprint


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